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How will children ever learn to stop, think and take the time to make informed choices about spending their well-earned dollars?
This series guides you through the minefield of the subject's many concepts - delving into the difference between needs and wants, solving the mystery of supply and demand, offering choices of opportunity cost, delivering the different levels of industry sectors - the practical approach of this two-book series will set your students on the road to becoming the next generation of global business giants and entrepreneurs!
Year 5 - Consumer Behaviour & its Effects
Year 6- Financial & Business Decisions

The series features:
three sections per book relating to the inquiry questions
glossary of economics and business terms
diagnostic and self-assessment pages for each section
teacher information guiding the delivery of each unit
answers for activities and assessments
easy-to read scope and sequence charts linking contents to HASS key ideas, achievement standards, concepts of interdisciplinary thinking and inquiry skills.

Australian Curriculum Economics & Business

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