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Beyond Preliminary Phonics is a systematic sequential phonics reading and spelling program.

The program is designed to explicitly teach the 252 phonetic sounds during the primary years of schooling.

Beyond Preliminary Phonics is also suitable for secondary students requiring intervention, adult literacy and English Second Language learners.

The program contains a Teacher Manual, Teacher Resource Wordbooks, Phonetic Sound Grids, Student Sound books and Student Workbooks.

Teacher Manual - contains the information necessary for the implementation of the BPP Indivdualised Reading and Spelling Program.

Teacher Resource Soundbooks - Prerequisite (43-82), Book 1 (83-122), Book 2 (123-162), Book 3 (163-202) and Book 4 (203-252)

The Teacher Grids (6 double-sided) contain all 252 sounds including the Initial sounds (1-42)

Beyond Preliminary Phonics Teacher Products

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