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Contains 41 pieces including a header that measures 114mm x 335mm.
Ask and answer higher order thinking questions, gain a deeper understanding of content, explore knowledge levels and increase academic vocabulary.
This set can be used to create student assignments and assessments; enhance group discussions; serve as a visual reference around the room; or challenge students in learning activities.

Set includes pieces about each of the 4 Depth of Knowledge levels:
Level 1: Recall - Recall a fact, definition, or simple procedure
Level 2: Skills and Concepts - Use information or knowledge
Level 3: Strategic Thinking - Reason or develop a plan
Level 4: Extended Thinking - Investigate, think about, and connect information about a problem
Set also includes question cards, that teachers can use to prompt discussion and check for a student's level of knowledge and understanding about any topic.
Includes an instructional guide with display ideas, classroom activities and related learning standards.

Depth of Knowledge Bulletin Board

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