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Book 1 cotains a Theory Unit with over 50 pages of explanations and worksheets divided into three comprehensive units.

Note Values, Staff, Clef, Time Signature, Notes of Pitch, Rests, Leger Lines, Dot’s, Ties, Slurs, Accidentals, Major Scales, Interval and Anacrusis.

And a Practical Unit which has Basic Rhythm Work, Drum Kit Rhythms, Introduction to Keyboard and Juggling for coordination.

Book 2 is the next stage of a music student’s theory development once they have completed Don’t Fret 1.

It contains worksheets and explanations on Compound Time, Transposition, Chord Inversions, Two Octave Major and Minor Scales and Intervals, Chord Formulas and Circle of 5th’s.

The practical section is further development of the skills learnt in Don’t Fret 1.

Don't Fret Music Series

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