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These resources are curriculum linked and up-to-date and have been purposefully devised for the Years 1 to 6 teacher.

Year 1 covers natural, managed and constructed features; indigenous creation; weather and seasons; mining and manufacturing; and waste.

Year 2 Students will traverse the globe, spotting continents, hemispheres, tropics and poles. They will compare populations and sizes of places and discern how the people of the world are linked. Honing in on Australia, they will focus on changes over time and how places have been named.

Year 3 Students will travel around Australia and understand its boundaries, borders, natural features and climates. They will unlock the reasons behind Australian population distribution, reflect on ways to protect environments and explore the nearby Pacific Islands.

Year 4 Students will uncover geographical facts about the continents of Africa and South America; review indigenous sustainable methods of looking after our Earth; reflect on waste in our world today and review environmental solutions.

Year 5 Students will unearth the continents of Europe, Antarctica and North America; delve into the topics of bushfires and floods; and consider reasons why our ecosystem has been impacted since colonialism.

Year 6 covers the pivotal topics of: Asia; global population; inequity around the world; the planet’s indigenous people; trade and international aid.

With captivating content coupled with stimulating activities, these books will fine-tune your students’ geography skills and heighten their geography experience while immersing them into the world of all things geography.

Geography for Australian Students

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