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Experimental Cube Series

Human Body contains simple explanations of the relationship between people and nature.

Includes experiments around human activity related to nature.

Contains 20 sets elements and stimulating coloured instructions with 25 illustrated experiments.

Conduct experiments and discover facts about: human taste, man vs machine strength, bacteria on different surfaces, cleaners and life organisms, how much air you get in your lungs and much more. Experiments include: A boat without an engine, A house - make a small house, Bacteria on different surfaces, Controlling temperature, Detergents and living organisms, Eyesight - keenness of sight, Eyesight - recognising space, Eyesight - the importance of our eyes, Feeling temperature - touch, Growing mould, Heartbeat, Heating with solar energy, Hit out apple, How good do you hear, How much air can you get in your lungs, Human Cycle, Improving our hearing, Instruments that improve our sight, Machine cycle, Perspiration, Protection against cold and heat, Recognising the form - touch, Smell, Taste, The power of people and machines, The speed of people and machines, Useful yeast fungi, What is the source of your food.

Human Body

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