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The books in this four-part series are designed to be used sequentially.

Book 1  Syllables and Rhyming focuses on clapping out the number of syllables in words; identifying and producing oral rhymes and hearing and manipulating sounds in spoken words. These are all skills needed to produce great future readers, writers and spellers.

Book 2 Phonemic Awareness contains resources that are primarily oral, aural and requiring movement, such as: clapping, stomping and jumping. Picture cards are provided for some of the activities and can be kept and laminated for repeated use.

Book 3 Alphabet Knowledge focuses on teaching the letters of the alphabet and their most common sounds. This is an important step in students’ reading and spelling journeys. Blending and segmenting activities are also included.

Book 4 Alphabet Letter Formations focuses on teaching the children how to form their letters correctly. Early handwriting skills are an important skill in early education. Letters are introduced in a particular order which differs from the traditional alphabet sequence.
Linked to the Australian Curriculum, these books will make great additions to your classroom resources.

Phonological Awareness Series

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