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This series emphasises oral language development and covers all the basics for early childhood (from 4 years of age). They can also assist older students who are struggling with phonics and spelling.

Twelve skills are presented in developmental order over the 5 books and include the following skills:

Book 1- Auditory discrimination, Rhyming and Alliteration

Book 2- Segmentation and syllabification, and Blending

Book 3- Phoneme matching and Phoneme isolation

Book 4- Phoneme completion, and Phoneme addition and deletion

Book 5- Phoneme segmentation, Phoneme substitution and Phoneme reversal

These skills are presented as fun, hands-on games and activities for the whole class, small groups or pairs, with full instructions (including the actual words to say if required), all game/activity resources, supporting worksheets if applicable, differentiation suggestions and formative and summative assessments.

Phonological Awareness Skills

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