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This resource provides guided lessons to integrate project-based learning into your science, technology, engineering and maths curricula.
Each unit provides background information for teachers and students and moves from teacher-directed activities towards more open-ended activities.
The culminating activity in each unit allows students to design their own unique "invention" or conduct an experiment of their own creation.
Students will be challenged to work collaboratively, using a process that helps them "step into STEM" with greater competence and confidence.
Year 3 book includes designing megaphones and guitars (sound), building and working with helicopters (air), machines in school and real life, and capillary action and invisible ink (chemistry).
Year 4 book includes building a pendulum, harnessing the power of wind, building a roller-coaster (force and motion).
Year 5 book includes explore light refraction, designing electric circuits, magnets, and inventing motorised machines
Middle Years book includes designing and building a kite, static electricity, build multi-level structures and fuelling a rocket (chemistry).

Stepping into STEM

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