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It's amazing how much kids go through growing up. Naturally many parents find it difficult to cope when their child is becoming troublesome or troubled with high school looming or having just begun. Fortunately help is at hand thanks to this cartooned true story based on the school diaries found in the Author's long forgotten buried treasure chest.

This character building book covers a vast range of topics such as rejection, self esteem issues and cyber bullying. It looks at pertinent modern confrontations for children such as divorce, career parents, having one parent that works away and the all time classic...sibling rivalry.

The Handbook teaches the virtues of good sportsmanship and such simple yet often lost "treat others the way you would like to be treated" techniques.

The Handbook for School Kids is unique in its meaty dialogue with the really tough issues such as kids starting to play with fire, making home made bombs, skipping school, lying, smoking, stealing, doing drugs and graffiti.

The Author gives a first hand account of his time in juvenile prison which is sure to make kids think twice if they are already heading the wrong way in life. Many kids will also enjoy learning how to understand the practical side of math, how to improve their literacy and how to learn to dream and then turn those dreams into achievable goals.

The Handbook for School Kids

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