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Jolly Phonics Resources CD - This CD can be used by teachers to create their own additional classroom materials from flash cards to worksheets for class and homework use.

Jolly Phonics DVD - The two hours of the Jolly Phonics Videos now available on DVD. The DVD covers all the letter sounds and the five basic skills for reading and writing

Jolly Phonics Games CD - 20 fun activities that children will be able to practice all of the five skills in Jolly Phonics. The games are available in different levels: easy, medium or hard - ideal for children at all levels of early reading. Single User Licence Only

The above Games CD is Temporarily Unavailable

Jolly Phonics Sounds Like Fun DVD - Introduces children to the 42 letter sounds of the English language and teachers them how to blend the sounds of reading as well as how to identify the sound in words for writing.


Jolly Phonics CD, DVD, Games CD

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