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This book:

Sets out ideas, tips and activities that will help very young children to learn, and to love to learn.

Provides the context for best practice by connecting it strongly with the fundamentals of child development.

Respects readers' ability to pick out the strategies that will work best in their early childhood setting rather than prescribing a single programme for all.

Covers each developmental stage sequentially while also recognising the fluidity of development across stages.

Best practice in the early ears depends on having realistic expectations about child development - neither overestimating nor underestimating the skills and understanding of very young children. So where do you find the reliable information you need to provide an early childhood education that truly inspires learning? Play and Learning in the Early Years offers detailed, practical guidance on key aspects of play and communication with children under three so that you can maximise their learning experience without undue pressure. Ideas and suggested activities are supported by information on each stage of development within this age group. Based firmly on child-centred principles, they offer a holistic approach to caring, well-informed practice that benefits the youngest children in your care in all major areas of learning and development.

Play and Learning in the Early Years

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